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The Great Computer Crash and 25th Birthdays.

To be likened only to the great Depression or Recession of our times! Today I came into work, completely undeterred by the fact that it was gray outside, and that I am 2 days from my 25th birthday. I decided to have a good attitude. Then, my computer crashed. A virus started popping up everywhere, and because I am a MAC USER at home, I was freaked!

More on the differences between Mac’s and PC’s at a later date.

Point being, it was awful. Nothing would open, everything froze, and the worst part was that only the oh-so-motivated IT guy was going to be my saviour. I felt it coming. The hysterics, the frustration, the pulse in my neck. I was going to get nothing done today, except sit here and stare at the tech guy’s head as he watches the virus scan software work.

Deep breath. I can’t say that’s all it took, but it definitely surprised me at how little I really freaked out. I didn’t really let it get to me. I read my book, and took a long lunch, and now I am blogging. It feels relieving to not have let the stress seep in. This week has been a lot of thinking about the things that drive us crazy, and the reasons for that – and ultimately, whether or not it is worth it at all to get upset.

On this, the workday eve of my 25th birthday, I feel a bit wiser. Maybe that’s exaggerating it. It totally is. I’m not wiser, I am just having more of a dialogue with myself, and feeling out my goals. My dreams. What it is I want to do in this, my quarter-century year.

Everyone looks at you with a snide look if you freak out about turning 25. It is the look of “You bitch, I wish I was 25!” But do you? Do you wish the confusion and the insecurity and the constant testing of oneself? Maybe it’s not how your 25th year went for you, but life and the world were different places then.

Ultimately, the year of 25 is important regardless of where you fall in the age spectrum. It is as trying and turbulent as walking into your office to find your computer is crashing. You can either freak out, cry, and become paralyzed. Or, you can say “I’m 25 world, its time to get busy.”

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