Slow Runners, Elitism, and My Favorite Sport

I am completely disgusted by the latest article in the New York Times about running. The article discusses ideas that for me were particularly hurtful. After analysis from a number of sources in distance running across the U.S. and internationally, the article presented the views of many who believe that running a marathon slowly is not really running it – merely, “participating” in it. These runners view marathoning, which has grown in the past few years to reflect a slower running group as taking away the “mystique” of the sport.

I run a 10 minute mile. Sometimes I run faster, if the leg is up for it, but I rarely push myself to go faster. Why? Because it is my personal preference to improve where I am, rather than risk injury. I really am hurt by the many that say that running should be designated to those that can do it quickly. I can’t do it quickly now, but maybe I will be able to one day. Does that mean that I should not be allowed to race until I am positive that I can do it fast?

I would love to hear people’s thoughts on this…

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