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This Blog’s Name Will Finally Be True

Today is the day before my birthday. I miss being the age that you got lots of things like a party and cake and little hats with strings that attach at the bottom. When I was a child, I had lots of themes for parties. Stupid things like swimming parties, or ceramics parties, art parties, and just plain old gather around in the back yard parties.

They were all not as fancy as the parties that the other kids at school had, but they were always fun. I never had a whiney sibling complaining that they weren’t the stars of the day (being an only child and all.)

Then there was the year that we had a party at my house, and my father got an ice cream cake that said “Happy Birthday Bev!” on it. My name is Beth.

It has always been Beth.

After that was the college parties. My best friend and I have birthdays one day apart, so we always had joint birthdays at a bar. This included the year that she turned 21 and I turned 20. I didn’t get into her party. That was fun.

There was always a lot of alcohol, many funny pictures, and posting the next day on Facebook. Now, I am no longer on Facebook partly because of the sheer embarrassment those pictures caused me. Either way, they were great. They were a sign of me at the time, and ultimately, that is what makes a birthday fun.

Nowadays, my priorities are a bit different, and I am definitely at a new point and a new chapter in my life. I miss the old days, but I am learning that it is not smart to always look behind me. As I turn 25 on October 25th, the luckiest of birthdays I am told, I am opening a new chapter.

Hopefully one full of lots of blogging, lots of new changes and chances, and ultimately, a new journey with myself.

This all sounds quite cheesy to post on a career blog – But then again, I guess one never blogs without revealing a little bit of oneself. That’s the thing about writing. It definitely opens your eyes to things about yourself as well as whatever you are writing about.

Adios, 24. It’s been a great year.

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