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Reading About Business

I am about halfway through a book that was lent to me by my husband’s boss. Entitled Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends by Tim Sanders, the book is definitely in the new category of “How to utilize your own skills as a person to get the life you want AND lots of money AND be happy.”

But my husband gave me a command when he told me I should read it. He said: Give it a chance and don’t be cynical. Well now. I am ALWAYS cynical. So I began reading and was immediately put off by the word that he uses to describe business people who lead with their hearts and with their conscience rather than their bottom line – Lovecats. The whole word bothered me and I had to bite my tongue from repeating this observation as I read.

But as I read, I see Tim Sanders’ point. A successful high-up guy at Yahoo!, Sanders has definitely redefined what it means to personally brand something. Though this is a new concept for me, I am beginning to see how important it is.
Through some of his tasks – Reading and sharing new knowledge, connecting networks, and going the extra mile for people to give them a feeling of confidence and appreciation.

These are all awesome things. And Sanders is clearly one of the people that got it right, early. He has managed to work with and develop professional and personal relationships with some of the most important brands and industries.

One thing I particularly loved is his idea that you must always be reading – never just using the internet, but researching and engaging with others through the written text. I am a hardcore book lover, and this speaks to me dramatically. Make a personal connection by talking about an issue in a book. Love it.

So, at page 137, I am enjoying the book. Moreover, I am enjoying the concept that reading and accumulating knowledge is not a waste of time. Networking and branding are still new to me, but maybe that’s why I have put my cynicism aside for the time being.

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