The Power Dozen

Today, my all-time favorite magazine NYMAG and its equally ironic counterpart, has published a list of the Powerful Dozen in New York. these are the movers and the shakers, and really the only ones that exert tremendous economic, social, and political power.
See the article for yourself here. Each and every day in New York people make more money. But as we learned in the economic downturn, they cant make money forever. Or can they?

The list in itself is interesting, because without these characters, the screenplay that is life in Manhattan would not be carried out in quite the same way. Where would comedy be if not for the insanely humorous rich that populate the Upper East Side?

What I love so much about New York Magazine as a news source is that it really gets out the idea that news can be news and can still be ordinary people mock it. The Power Dozen article is also interesting because it spans industries that are not just the FIRE industries (Buzzword from Hunter College Masters Degree program!) This stands for Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate.

Anna Wintour is on there, along with media moguls Mort Zuckerman and Rupert Murdoch. It is interesting how we recognize that without media, the other industries are just downright boring.

What do people think about crazy conglomerates being sized up in just 12 individuals? Did they get the list right?

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