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The Little Things

Every day, something annoying or frustrating can happen. We can forget something we really needed to remember, or we can continuously remember something we would love to forget. Either, way, challenges and obstacles are always in the way. It has been my experience throughout my twenties that the small, insignificant things are what make or break my day.

Today, for instance, I decided that in order to make my day slightly more bright (considering I am fighting a cold), I would bring in my laptop and use it instead. I am a beloved mac owner, and using my laptop is definitely easier for a lot of things. Plus the frustration doesn’t have to build – Office Space Style – while I wait for things to load.

Because of this little conciliation, I was forced to reroute my email, and can’t quite get the fundraising database to work on here (anyone out there good at this??), BUT it makes me smile more.

There is more fun noise when I type and I feel more like I am working and I am not just waiting for someone to give me something to do.

Either way, it got me thinking about those little things – and how much they can make or break us. Lately, as I read more and more blogs from really awesome people, capturing pieces of their lives, I wonder what makes them so special.  We like to read about other people cooking, cleaning, working, writing, dreaming.

All the while we are captivated – by the very same little things that matter to us, and reaching a common goal: to appreciate those things for what they are.

Today, my little thing was the mac. Tomorrow, maybe it will be my chai, or some other random Starbucks funny story – of which I have many. Maybe it will even be an amazing blog comment – hint, hint!

I hope all of the little things in your day are bringing you a smile too.

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  1. Sam
    November 19, 2009 at 11:40 am

    I think that’s the beauty of blogging, that we can share little pieces of our lives, and read about others who we can really relate to. It’s pretty awesome in my opinion 🙂

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