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Laziness. The Devil’s Quality?

Devil DepictionToday I woke up thinking about a few things. One, the fact that I believe I have a stress fracture in my foot from the half marathon (BUMMER 2009). Two, I thought about laziness. Mostly the fact that I find it almost nauseating when someone is lazy.

I’m not sure why this is – except for the fact that I come from a typical New York family. Go, Go, Go every second to accomplish the next thing. It is probably also not the healthy way to be. Luckily, I am trying to convert myself into a combination of the two.

One thing about laziness in personal life, is that it affects the precious few that are surrounding themselves with you by choice (or at least by family ties.) The thing about laziness in your work world is that it affects others. It mostly affects us that are closer to the bottom. We are used to picking up the slack for those up above that are busy with other things, but what happens when there really are no “other things” that these bosses are doing?
What happens when they are just choosing to not do their share?

This is always a problem, especially in companies where those at the top are confident in their staying power, and the ability of their staff to do the job for them. Is this good for our skills but bad for morale?

I have always been the type of person that strives to do my best for reasons that are not usually justified. No one is going to reward me all the time, but I just feel like my best is what has to be done. I think this is really a quality found a lot in Generation Y – we love to do our best.

There are probably complex societal reasons for all of this, but what matters most is that it exists. The need to do better is what will make the difference in a difficult economy, and ultimately, in the many various fields in which Gen Y finds itself.

Us perfectionists will get the job done.

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