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By The People.

GERMANY-US-VOTE-OBAMA-SPEECH Yesterday I wrote a post all about the obstacles that are pressed right up against Mr. Barack Obama. I proudly voted for Barack, and followed his campaign religiously. I had a pin, my cell phone background was his face, and I prayed that he would win.

On Election Day, I went in the early morning to my district to vote. I lived in one of the poorest census tracts in Manhattan. (Spanish Harlem, to be specific). The voting booths were in the local middle school, and I was surrounded by many different people voting. African-American, Latino, Chinese, it was the typical and inspiring New York melting pot.

It was an amazing feeling to vote for Barack, and ultimately, to be a part of the historic election process. As my husband and I watched the results, I couldn’t help but think how similar our kids would be to him. They would be born of a white mother, and an African father. Of course, the differences abound, but ultimately, our children will find something inspiring in him. They will see a narrative like theirs and feel good.

Why the sudden talk again about B.O.’s legacy? Last night, we watched the HBO documentary “By The People: The Election of Barack Obama.” It took a look at the young people, the old people, and the many people who pushed him forward. They were behind the scenes at the DNC, at Obama’s house in Chicago (We actually get to see how freaking cute the kids are — up close!), and on election night, their film crew stood with David Axelrod and others as they watched history be made.

Part of it is political – in the sense that you see what types of adjustments throughout a campaign need to be made. But most of it is emotional. You see Barack crying at a speech the day before Election Day (the day he lost his grandmother), you see him delivering the speech on Race, and his post-speech calm.

Mostly, you see young people in Generation Y, begging and pleading to see something good. You see a 24-year-old speech writer crafting some of the most emotional words ever spoken. And you see young college kids – raised by immigrants, and 100% American – doing dances on the side of the road to support Obama’s Iowa Caucus.

The historic campaign and the historic win seems like old news to those of us caught up in the media hustle. It was a reality check for me to watch the scenes unfold as if it were the first time. To hear those being contrarian say that America just “isn’t ready for a black president.”

I am happy, Mr. President that I voted for you – but moreover I am proud to be a part of the generation that helped you win. We organized online and in person, and we were not lazy. We believed.

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  1. November 5, 2009 at 1:09 pm


    I was just thinking this last night when I wrote the article about Twitter vs. Facebook for Gen Y. Obama definitely won based on fulfilling an emotional need this country was desperate for.

    The research I uncovered on Tuesday showed that honesty and optimism are what people want, not just from Barack Obama, but from companies and brands in general. You can read the whole post here: http://blog.monicaobrien.com/gen-y-marketing-trends/

    • bethoc
      November 5, 2009 at 1:15 pm

      This is an awesome concept. I really love the idea of making it an issue that relates to all facets of our careers/lives, and not just our political choices. Great to hear your comment. I am putting you on my Google Reader as we speak!

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