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Can We?

obamaToday is just one of them days. Remember that song, by Monica in the mid-90’s? If you’re a girl I bet you do. Today is one of those days where I got to work and felt like I had just swallowed mud. Like if all of the computers suddenly crashed and the internet failed and I could go home, I would celebrate.

We can’t always be happy with our jobs. Or our world. Today I also woke up to the news that gay marriage has been deemed illegal in Maine, two Republicans have taken back Democratic seats, and all the media seems to want to talk about is whether Obama’s “charm” has worn off. It seems like the world is calling for me to be in a bad mood.

What do these large political decisions and ramifications have to do with work? Not a lot, at least in the more immediate sense. But in the American sense, I find a lot of tangible connections.

1) At many nonprofits, the bottom line has become a major concern. We are a nonprofits by name and tax status, yes, but ultimately, the vibe has become to answer to whoever holds the funds. Some programs have become slaves to foundation dollars. What happened to hoping?

2) There is less of an emphasis on team building or personal connections, and more of a “let’s get it done” mentality.

3) Many believe that those in senior positions always know best.

One thing I have learned from blogging is that  it is important to express when one feels like their work environment is just oblivious to the role it plays in the lives of those that work there.  What about the simple act of caring for one another? Has this really been swallowed up?

The New York Times ran an article this morning on the ramifications of office gossip. What does this say about our society as a whole?

I am working hard to recognize the good and bad in everything – and ultimately, this means putting up with annoying things at work.

How do we make work a little more personal, and ultimately, should we?


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