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We Regret To Inform You

I have applied for a lot of jobs in my time.  Now, when I say a lot – I truly mean it. I am constantly revising and updating my resume, looking for opportunities on websites,  and spending my time pining away for a job that will really help me get to where I want to be. This place, in case you need a reminder, is working for an international NGO on the program side of the work.

Either way, since I have been fairly disenfranchised of late, I  have continued to send, send, send and even went on one interview. The interview was nice, and it was really what I was looking for. A lot of time passed (more than 2 weeks) and I assumed that I was a no-go for the position. Which is fine. I guess.

This morning I received an automated rejection reply from an email address that can’t receive replies. Now, I was fairly certain that I was content with my rejection that hadn’t come, but all of a sudden I am pretty sad. Has this ever happened to you? You get a perfectly good sense of the fact that the job isn’t going to be yours, but all of a sudden you feel worse. They didn’t even like you enough to professionally reject you.

In this day and age, I have probably received hundreds of rejections. It is part of the email application exchange.  You send along a detailed cover letter and resume, and it floats off into the digital abyss as a part of your duty of looking for employment. It is rough.

Rejections are one of those things that no one prepares you for in college. They sort of set you up for the idea that you aren’t qualified for every job, but in my experience, the university I attended seemed to work towards the idea that if you were qualified, you had a really good chance of success. In reality – this is not the case. In reality, almost everyone has been fed this line, and they are all applying for the same job.

Sure, I  have had marginal success. I have been employed my entire career thus far, and have had steady income – albeit low-income. The problem is that one begins to second guess themselves with rejection.

Did I apply to the wrong position at this organization? Was I good at interviewing? Do I need to buy What Color Is Your Parachute? and start all over again at this entire career thing?

The questions keep coming.

So, for all of you that have also received that auto-generated email today, I am with you – 100%.

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