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Loving MM?

Mr. Moore promoting his newest film "Capitalism: A love Story"

Mr. Moore promoting his newest film "Capitalism: A love Story"

This past weekend, I went with my parents and my husband to see Michael Moore’s latest film about the great beast: capitalism. Now, I should qualify this post by saying that I am actually a fan of most components of socialism – but I have grown up my entire life in an extremely capitalist household, and it has influenced me.

Before I get to what I think about the film, I will begin by saying that the last time I saw a film with my father, it was Evita. You know, the four hour long one with Madonna in it. He sang through the entire film, and I couldn’t take it anymore so I got up and left the theater.

He is also one of the most frustrating people in the world to talk about life with. He is a Democratic, who hates democrats AND republicans, and thinks very highly of himself and his political views. So we went to the movie with the caviat that we wouldn’t really talk about it afterwards.

Of COURSE this didn’t happen. In the film, for those of you that haven’t seen it, Moore recounts many instances where capitalism has failed, and many where people have developed articulate and smart alternatives to it. It is, in my opinion, his best-researched film to date. It still has clip reels of funny people to move the plot along, but it has real interesting content, and a first person view of a union strike at Republic Windows and Doors that is extremely inspiring.

Overall, I liked the film, but at many parts I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into the seat, as I thought about what my father must be thinking about it.

Our generation HAS to be full of risk takers. Without this fact, we simply won’t survive. But I have been taught my whole life that it is scary to take risks. It is too hard and too difficult. You should stay in a job you hate even though you hate it – Because it is good, honest work.

After the film, my father echoed this sentiment by explaining that the problem with the world today is that we no longer operate on “ANY VALUES WHATSOEVER!”

Now, I tried to argue. It never works. So it certainly didn’t in a car at midnight. What happens to us Gen Y people that are trapped between the risk and the reality?

Moore explains that we live in a world destined to fail. But where is the encouragement from those older and wiser than us, telling us to make a change? It certainly is not in my parent’s generation.

Is it in yours?

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